Architecture and design have the ability to positively impact people’s lives in unexpected ways. That’s why we think unveiling these stories of intentional design and sharing our research that allows us to design for the future is important. We’re always learning about and uncovering hidden opportunities that lead to results beyond architecture. We hope that through sharing our stories and perspectives, you'll have the opportunity to learn something too.

Our Speaking Engagements
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Speaking Engagements

  • Aspire
    Speakers: Alex Lowrie and Thomas Carlson-Reddig present, "Demystifying Net Zero for the Southeastern Region”
    Location: Asheville, NC
    Time: 8:30am
  • State Energy Conference
    Speakers: Alex Lowrie and Sarah Curtis present, "Ultra Efficient Bank: What We Did and How Much it Cost"
    Location: Raleigh, NC
    Time: 3:30pm
    Professional Engineers of North Carolina Conference
    Speakers: Jeff Roman and Morgan Crawford with the NC Business Committee for Education present, "Connecting Employers and Education to Develop NC’s Workforce: NCWBL Navigator"
    Location: Cherokee, NC
    Time: 11:20am
    FM:Systems Annual User Conference
    Speakers: Bill Meyer, and a client representative from 21st Century Fox, presents "Navigating a Merger With FM:Interact: The Ins & Outs of Better Space Management"
    Location: Orlando, FL
  • NeoCon
    Speakers: Melissa McDougall and Kelly Thompson present, "Unmasking The Super Power of Storytelling”
    Location: Chicago, IL
    Time: 2:30pm
    Speakers: Jim Thompson and Tomas Eliaeson present, "Survival of the Fittest: Why You Need to Get Comfortable Getting Uncomfortable…Now”
    Location: Chicago, IL
    Time: 9:30am
    Speakers: Thomas Carlson-Reddig and Anh Tran present, "Micro-Living: What is it and What do Students Really Think?”
    Location: Toronto, ON
    Time: 2:35pm
  • Florida Educational Facility Planners Conference
    Speakers: Philip Donovan and client Marc Clinch, with the School District of Osceola County, present, "A Net Zero Reality: Lessons Learned From Florida's First Zero Energy Public School
    Location: Boca Raton, FL
    Time: 1:45pm
    National Society of Professional Engineers Annual Conference
    Speakers: Jeff Roman presents, “How Not to Fail as a Leader”
    Location: Kansas City, MO
    Time: 11:00am
    Net Zero Conference 2019
    Speakers: Philip Donovan, along with Tony Hans & Brian Turner with CMTA Engineering, presents, "3 Ways to Fund a Zero Energy Building"
    Location: Los Angeles, CA
  • A4LE LearningSCAPES
    Speakers: Tomas Eliaeson and Anh Tran present, "Immersive Learningscape 3.0: The Good, the Bad, and the Data. A Post-Occupancy Evaluation Story at Fulton County Schools

    Location: Anaheim, CA
    Time: 2:45pm
    PSMJ Thrive Conference
    Speakers: Jeff Roman presents, “Become the Leader that People Want to Follow”
    Location: New Orleans, LA
    Time: 1:00pm
    SCUP Southern Regional Conference
    Speakers: Thomas Carlson-Reddig and Anh Tran present, "Micro-Living: Maximizing University Resources and Student Happiness"
    Location: Atlanta, GA
    Time: 10:45am
  • Getting to Zero Forum
    Speakers: Philip Donovan and Alex Lowrie present, "Net Zero and On Budget: What We Did and How Much It Cost”
    Location: Oakland, CA
    Time: 8:30am
    USGBC Colorado Green Schools Summit
    Speakers: Philip Donovan, along with Tracy Steward of CMTA Engineering and Mike Wilson of Warren County Public Schools, presents "Schools Save Money with Net-Zero Performance and Resilient Construction" 
    Location: Arvada, CA
    Professional Engineers of North Carolina Conference
    Speakers: Jeff Roman presents, "How Not to Fail as a Leader"
    Location: Raleigh, NC
    Time: 2:45pm
  • Net Zero Build Summit
    Speakers: Philip Donovan participates in a panel discussion on "High Performance Envelopes: Material Innovations for Efficient Buildings"
    Location: Novi, MI
    Time: 11:30am
    A4LE 2020 East Conference
    Philip Donovan, Tomas Eliaeson and Mike Meechin (Principal at NeoCity Academy) present, "Cracking the Code: Innovating within a Non-Innovative Ecosystem to get to Immersive Learning Environments and Zero Energy"
    Location: Washington, DC
    Speakers: Melissa McDougall and Kelly Thompson present, "Don’t Sell, Tell: How Savvy Storytelling Opens Doors and Closes Deals"
    Location: Chicago, IL
    Time: 11:00am-Noon