If Buildings Could Talk: The Book

by Kelly Thompson
Jan. 7, 2022 | Back To Explore

A new year symbolizes countless opportunities to elevate growth, curiosity, and our hope for the future. We feel there’s no better way to create those opportunities than by inspiring our youth. That’s why some of our most talented creatives came together to write and illustrate this imaginative children’s book. We’re beyond excited to share it with you and are hopeful that the 100 hard copies on their way to underserved schools and to children’s hospitals across the country will spark a passion for design in future generations.

Buildings protect us, help us and inspire us, but do you ever wonder what they would say if they could talk? Do they have feelings? Are they happy to see us? Does it hurt when we stomp? This imaginative children’s book contemplates what would happen if the buildings that surround us suddenly piped up to tell us what’s on their minds.

Written by Senior Creative Strategist Nikki Clinton and illustrated by twelve designers at Little, If Buildings Could Talk invites kids of all ages to ponder the conversations they might have with the architecture in their lives.

A special thanks to all of the illustrators who helped make this possible: Elaine O’Brien, Anh Tran, Darin Eng, Becca Bellamy, Devin Wiesler, Emma Wallace, Charles Todd, Thomas Carlson-Reddig, Danielle Baker, John Komisin, Ron Boozer, Jim Thompson, Aranya Mom, and Cory Hester.

Tammy Wisotzkey

This is absolutely awesome and extremely inspiring.

Kudos to you all!

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